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    We commit to being a leading
    sustainability corporate in Cambodia.


    As a part of our social mission in providing non-financial services, First Finance set up a dedicated property consultation team that offers value-added general housing finance services to prospective and existing borrowers. Borrowers may call in and enquire about the process for property title transfer, check on the legitimacy of developers, and other housing related matters. Educational content on property rights and short tips on personal financial management have been developed as infographics. First Finance prides itself on being able to provide such value-added services to improve the understanding of its borrowers, so that they can better protect themselves and make the right choices when buying properties that they can call home.

    ​​​​​​​First Finance also took steps towards effective Social and Environmental Performance Management by developing a Social and Environmental Management Policy, a social financing framework and reporting system, which were verified by a second party opinion (Moody’s). We educate our staff, clients and the community for evaluating the environment and social impact, and for mitigation and management of those risks accordingly. First Finance has integrated social and environmental due diligence and evaluation into our credit assessment, as well as the credit monitoring process, to prevent and minimize environmental harm, as well as to promote social equality and equity. We conduct reassessment annually for loans greater than USD 30,000.

    ESG Principle

    Proactively integrate environmental and social considerations into our business decisions, including managing our people and operational impact, financing, and procurement.

    Comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia, international law, and best practices, to ensure operational sustainability, client growth, and risk reduction.

    Operate with caution by undertaking due care and diligence, to evaluate and adopt measures that will prevent and minimize environmental harm, as well as promote social equality and equity.

    Engage with stakeholders regarding the management of social and environmental risk, and to identify opportunities for improvement