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    Client's Right and Duty

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    Customer’s Right

    1. Reject an offered product and/or service at any stages ( based on conditions and agreement stated).
    2. Understand all features of products and services and conditions on loan agreement and mortgage contract before signing or thumbprint.
    3. Receive loan contract, mortgage contract, and repayment schedule after loan disbursement.
    4. Ask for fairness, respect and without discrimination from First Finance and its staff at any circumstances.
    5. Know their own credential and privacy data related to loan if shared with third party and rights to withdraw the consence but it may lead to loan rejection result due to lack of informantion for assessment.
    6. Complain about any products, services or processes offered which contrast with the agreement.

    Customer’s Obligation

    1. Keep all the documents provided by First Finance in a safe place and easy to find when needed.
    2. Provide real and reliable information.
    3. Have to follow all conditions in the loan contract, mortgage contract and other documents related to loan.