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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Credit Bureau Cambodia is responsible for recording, keeping, and updating all records of all financial service clients in Cambodia. The information will be used by micro-finances and banks to evaluate the risk of giving the client a loan by analyzing the record of repayment of the client. The better record a client has, the lower risk to give a loan to them. To sum up, if a client has a good credit record, it is easier for them to take a loan.

    Proof of Identify

    • National ID Card or Passport or Birth certification + Letter certified by local authority 
    • Family book or Residential Book

     Proof of Income

    • For Salaried Employees
      •  Employment Contract or Staff ID Card 
      • Pay Slip (the latest 3 months) or Bank Statement (the latest 3 months)


    • For Self Employed / Business
      •  Rental Contract or proof of business ownership
      • Patent (if available)
      • Letter certified by the relevant authority (if available)
      •  Income and expense Invoices

    Proof of Expense

    • Utility Bills (water + electricity) (the latest 3 months)

    It is hard to answer this question of how much you can take for now. We need to study your income, expense, and type of the property that you are going to buy or improve. However, for home loan we can inform you that you need to reserve at least 25% to 40% of total amount of the house you want to buy. The Home Improvement or Construction Loan, you can take full 100% of the amount of your plan.

    You take other loan for personal use call Home Equity Loan and for business purpose called Living Improvement Loan. If you are an FF existing client, you can top up these loans with no requirement to pay off the existing loan if your payment capacity and collateral are allowed.

    A Home is very important for each family. The loss of a home is almost like losing everything. Therefore, buying fire insurance will help you if you will ever face this tragedy. Nevertheless, First Finance helps to facilitate our clients in buying fire insurance.

    We provide loan products such as:

    • Home Loan  
    • Home Construction Loan
    • Home Improvement Loan
    • Home Equity Loan  
    • Living Improvement Loan  
    • Land Loan

    You can either directly visit any of our branches or call us through our Hotline number (093 666635) to request a loan via our website requestion loan page (Here is the Link: … ). Our front-line staff will ask you for some personal information and direct you to the right Credit Consultant to consult with you on the loan you need. You are also able to request a loan through our Facebook page or website from your smartphone also.

    First Finance has 13 Branches such as:

    •  Head Office: Building#296, Street 271, Sangkat Tuol Tumpung Ti Pir, Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh.
    •  Dangkor Branch: Street 54, N.Road 03, Phum Prey Kei Ko, Sangkat Pong Tuek, Khan Dangkao, Phnom Penh.
    •  Srok Angk Snuol Branch: Phum Damnak Ampil, Srok Angk Snuol, Kandal. •
    • Kampong Speu Branch: N.Road 04, Phum Roleing Songkae, Songkat Sopoar Tep, Krong Chbar Mon, Kampong Speu.
    •  Kong Pisei Branch: N.Road 03, Phum Kayiev, Khum Chongruk, Srok Kong Pisei, Kampong Speu.
    •  Kampot Branch: N.Road 03, Phum Svay Thom, Sangkat Karangampel, Kampot City, Kampot.
    •  Srok Bati Branch: N.Road 02, Phum Smau Khnhei, Khum Trapeang Sab, Srok Bati,Takéo.
    •  Srok Samraong Branch: N.Road 02, Phum Pech Changva, Khum Boeng Tranh Khang Cheung, Srok Samraong,Takéo.
    •  Bantey Meanchey Branch: #B10, N.Road 05, Phum Phsar Kandal, Khum Phsar Kandal, Poipet City, Banteay Meanchey.
    •  Siem Reap Branch: N.Rd 6A, Chong Kaosue Village, Sangkat Slor Kram, Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap.
    •  Kampong cham Branch: Borey Piphob Tmey, #177, Street Preah Keto Melea, Kampong Cham City, Kampong Cham.
    •  Battambang Branch: #15B, N.Rd 5, Sangkat Svay Por, Krong Battambang, Battambang.
    •  Phnom Proek Branch: Phnum Touch Village, Pech Chinda Commune, Phnum Proek District, Battambang.

    You can repay First Finance loan through either Wing or True Money agents free of charge by showing information on your client card.

    If your loan is in US Dollar ($), you need to repay in US Dollar through below code number:

    • Code number (Wing): 1120
    • Code number (True Money): 1120

    If your loan is in Riel, you need to repay in Riel through below code number:

    • Code number (Wing): 1121
    • Code number (True Money): 1120

    If you lost your First Finance client card, you can request our staff who is responsible for your loan to make a new card or you can directly go to our branch located nearby you to make the request.

    If you feel that you could not pay on time, you should contact our staff who is responsible for your loan as soon as possible at least one week before the repayment date to consult for an appropriate solution.

    If you feel that you could not pay on time, you should contact our staff who is responsible for your loan as soon as possible at least one week before the repayment date to consult for an appropriate solution.

    You can do partial repayment in any amount at any of your repayment schedules in the locking period (the first 3 years) of your loan tenure without penalty, but your remaining balance should not be less than 50% of your total loan principal. After the locking period, you can repay your loan principal in any amount without penalty. However, if you want to pay off your loan during the locking period, you are required to notify First Finance three months in advance and you will be fined 3% of the remaining loan amount. If you pay off your loan after your locking period, you are also required to notify First Finance three months in advance, but you will not be fined any cents.

    First Finance is pleased to provide free consultation on ownership transfer of both hard and soft titles, selection of legal Borey, and plot of lands. You can consult with our skillful staff face-to-face or with our customer service. (Hotline: 093 6666 35)

    You can get the top-up loan by requesting our staff who is responsible for your loan. Your request will be approved if you are capable to repay and fit with all conditions of the loan, especially if you have a good payment history.

    You can contact our Hotline: 093 6666 35

    Clients Right entitle the customer to

    1. Reject an offered product/service at any stage (based on condition and agreement)

    2. Understand all features of product and services and conditions on loan agreement and mortgage contract before signature and thumbprint.

    3. Receive loan contract, mortgage contract, and repayment schedule after loan disbursement.

    4. Ask for fair treat with respect and without discrimination under any circumstance.

    5. Know their own credential and privacy data if there will be used with a third party.

    6. Complaint on any product, service, or process which is in contrast with the agreement.

    Client's Obligations

    1. Keep all documents provided by First Finance in a safe place and convenient to use.

    2. Provide real and trustable information

    3. Follow all conditions in the loan contract, mortgage contract, and other documents related to the loan.