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    Success Stories

    Our successful client’s story reflects on
    how we bring impact to the society

    Success Story

    Mrs. YY Kimcheng

    Mrs. YY Kimcheng and her husband Mr. Bunthoeun run a tailor business for almost 10 years in Kampong Cham province. Their business keeps growing from day to d...

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    Mrs. Touch Sokchea

    Mrs. Touch Sokchea A family is built on love, and Mrs. Touch Sokchea knows the pain that occurs when the love does not last. After her parents divorced, she...

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    Mr Pech Chy​ and Mrs. Oeun Yoeun

    Mr Pech Chy used to be a soldier in the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. While fighting the remaining Khmer Rouge forces in the mid-1990’s he stepped on a...

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